Payment flexibility

Offer your customers essential financing and payment options.

Meet customer demand

Challenging market shifts have made payment flexibility a necessity for suppliers and dealers to offer their customers. By partnering with DLL, you can provide your customers with payment options tailored to your industry and products—and their budget needs.

Offering payment flexibility can give your business a competitive advantage, improve your customer’s experience, and accelerate your sales process to close deals faster. Plus, you get paid when the deal closes. DLL will take on the extended payment terms risk for you.

Essential financing and payment options

Give your customers the flexibility they need to maintain their cashflow and do business*.
Deferred payments
Your customer may not be able to make an upfront payment. Offer ‘no payments’ the first 90 days. Then the customer will make fixed payments for their contract term.

Step payments
Your customer may want to start with lower payments. Provide a step-up payment structure over the course of the contract. Another option is to start with higher payments and step-down over time.

Seasonal payments
Your customer’s business may experience significant cashflow changes by season. Align a payment schedule with their higher revenue months. This is flexible and predictable for your customer.

*Options vary by region and industry.

Discover more flexible payment offerings

Fixed payments

The customer faces no interest rate fluctuations and avoids the risk and unpredictability of future inflation, making cash flow budgets and payback analysis easy.

Software financing

Customers can finance a perpetual license, term license, single and multi-year subscriptions, and single and multi-year maintenance.

More flexible options

Monthly, quarterly and semi-annual payment structures are available, as well as non-appropriation of funds for SLED.

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